The next “miracle” from China: Xiangjiu, a long-renowned delay spray brand in China, attends the Hong Kong AAE-Asia Adult Expo

The next “miracle” from China: Xiangjiu, a long-renowned delay spray brand in China, attends the Hong Kong AAE-Asia Adult Expo

No one wants to be a one-minute man. But thanks to date night nerves or a few too many beers, finishing too soon during sex is a system glitch that most men experience every now and then.

That said, while it’s perfectly normal to arrive ahead of schedule on occasion, over a sustained period of time premature ejaculation can start to impact relationships, cause emotional distress and mess with your self-esteem.

If you’re hoping to prolong sex and get more mileage out of your manhood than one minute, you’ve come to the right place, the delay spray is one such product that can boost performance while delaying climax. But how this product helps? Let’s tell you more.

What is Delay Spray?

Delay spray, also known as Desensitizer Spray, is used to reduce sensitivity in the most sensitive areas of a man’s penile, resulting in delayed ejaculation. You may see lots of delay sprays in the market, and lots of them seem work well. But is that truth? Actually No.

Delay sprays are generally divided into two types of ingredients: traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Among them, Western medicine is effective, and it takes about 3 to 5 minutes to take effect, but its duration is short, and the effect usually disappears after about 1 hour. Another drawback is its strong numbing sensation, which reduces sexual pleasure. On the other hand, delay sprays with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients are more gentle in nature. However, some products may cause a strong burning sensation due to improper ingredients, leading to discomfort.

So, some products work but actually don’t work well. Then, is that one product that didn’t drive any problems above? If yes, which brand is the one you can trust?

Maybe you can try Xiangjiu. Compared to other products, Xiangjiu persists in independently developing a reasonable formula. While ensuring pleasurable sensations, it effectively eliminates the discomfort caused by pharmaceutical ingredients and other highly irritating traditional Chinese medicine components. After using, some users only experience a little bit hot instead of a burning sensation. Moreover, this feeling will disappear within 5 to 8 minutes, giving a sensation as if nothing has been applied. This is one advantage of Xiangjiu Delay Spray you can get.

What Xiangjiu Delay Spray Do?

  1. Say Goodbye to PE

If you use Xiangjiu delay spray, premature ejaculation will be a thing of the past. You can have delayed orgasms that last longer by desensitizing the penile region.

  1. Enhanced Performance

Xiangjiu delay spray can help you increase your intercourse by up to 45 minutes even more, which will help you perform much better.

  1. Extended duration of action

Xiangjiu Delay Spray has extended duration of action which give you ample time to enjoy sex. As Xiangjiu delay spray is highly concentrated, a single spray can have a notable effect, under normal circumstances, the effect of Xiangjiu delay spray will last for a couple of hours.

  1. Easy to Apply

Xiangjiu delay spray is easy to use, simply spray them to the area where the head of the penis attaches to the shaft of the penis and wait for the results.

Only Pros?

“If we tell you that yes only pros, you won’t believe it. But the truth is: Yes. Xiangjiu Delay Spray only bring you the benefit but no other side effects”, Said Xiangjiu Gneral Manager, Mrs Wu, “The reason Xiangjiu can confidently make such statements is due to our 9 years of sales experience in the Chinese market, earning the trust of our users. From material selection and research and development to production, we adhere to our own belief: to create ‘Something You never See’. Currently, whether in China or the overseas market, the majority of drawbacks in delay sprays include numbness, burning sensations, and in severe cases, even stinging and dermatitis. The fundamental reasons for these issues are twofold: On one hand, some companies utilize improper materials to cut costs. On the other hand, certain formulations themselves have inherent flaws: while attempting to achieve reduced sensitivity, the penis experiences numbness. In more extreme cases, users might even feel a burning sensation that persists for a long time .”

However, at Xiangjiu, while ensuring product efficacy, we have thoroughly tested dozens of different formulas to develop the most efficient version of delay spray. And, the formula of our product is a long-tell story.”

The formula of Xiangjiu delay spray has a long and rich history. It existed as far back as the Kangxi era and has been passed down through the ages to the present day. In the modern era, the descendants of the Manchu ethnic people in Fushun, led by Li Baoquan and his two previous generations of elders, inherited and magnified this traditional ancestral prescription. Built upon the foundation of the original rare herbal formula, and due to the scarcity of components like white dragon saliva, rhinoceros horn powder, and tiger bone powder which come from rare animals. Materials from the aforementioned rare sources are currently internationally prohibited for use, as utilizing parts of endangered animals as raw materials for any product constitutes an illegal activity, moreover, it is inhumane. Therefore, after three generations’ worth of arduous efforts and countless trials with various safe and usable materials, they have completed the complex process of substituting modern herbal ingredients for the ancient formula, thereby creating a product that better suits contemporary market needs. This is the origin of our Xiangjiu Delay Spray formula.”

Thanks for Libaoquan, Xiangjiu delay spray’s powerful functionality is highly cherished by users in the domestic market.”

After 9 years of honing our skills domestically, we are considering whether we can extend our product philosophy and brand promotion to the global stage, showcasing our best side to a larger audience in the global market. Yet, based on the fact that we are a Chinese brand, there are challenges on a global scale. However, as mentioned earlier, holding onto our belief ‘Something you never see,’ we carry our brand new delay spray with the hope that our Chinese brand can shine at the exhibition, winning the favor of overseas users. Our intention is to let more users experience better products, fostering more harmonious relationships with their partners – this is our original intent.”

Now, Xiangjiu is fully prepared. From August 29th to August 31st, 2023, we will participate in AAE – Asia Adult Expo 2023, officially announcing to the world: “We have arrived.”